Connected experience

IoT can enhance customer experience in way with real time connectivity with Consumer products. This aids in serviceability and offers remote upgrade and debugging of the products.

Jovient’s connected IoT module and IoT platform  can help your consumer products such as HVAC, Water systems, and consumer durable items  to get connected with very less cost and integration time.

How does IoT work for improving customer experience?

Internet of Things include- 


  1. Sensors 
  2. Data Collectors
  3. Timers
  4. Recorders 


Many other methods can be used through IoT technology for helping the customers. These include-


  1. Automatic Update when it comes to software- IoT can help in updating software and enhancing speed of products like phones, laptops, etc. 
  2. Preventing leakages in appliances like RO- IoT technology can prevent leakages in products like RO and electrical appliances like washing machine. 
  3. Short circuit prevention- IoT will help in preventing short-circuits in electrical and heating appliances like heaters, geysers, etc.
  4. Prediction-Diagnose existing and potential problems in the products.
  5. Information usage- IoT can record information to enhance performance, for example- check history to suggest relevant products to the buyers.
  6. Boost in market needs-Collecting data to cater the market needs. 

Enhance customer services through information- IoT can help in guiding customers during query and provide suggestions if they get relevant data .

New Consumer Experience

The combination of software, sensors and connectivity will boost the performance, input and output process and creates continuous enhanced outcomes in the field of technology and customer satisfied.