End-to-end cyber security

Jovient’s cyber security services help you define an ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) strategy by  identifying threats and working towards securing the same with right tools and redefined work flow.
Cyber security is one of the important area of consideration when we engage with you for digital transformation.


Messaging Systems need reliability , security and instant update across connected clients.
Jovient's solution helps you achieve the message transfer from on node to other or many nodes within mili seconds.

Our solution building capabilities will ensure the same efficiency across messaging architectures.
We can work on P2P based messaging, mesh network based messaging and protocols and server routed messaging.


IoT device control needs secure instant communication channel and a right light weight protocol to notify the changes in sensor values across nodes.

We can help you develop a cloud based solution with one integrated approach for IoT device control, configuration and over the air (OTA) updates.

EDR (End Point Detection and Response)

Instant and secure communication to home automation hub and nodes.
Auto updating hub that make the home solution connected to internet.
We provide consulting and software capability to enable your home automation needs for every architecture, whether it is mesh network based or directly connected to internet solution.

IoT Security

Building an app to have real time tracking for people, delivering goods or assets? Our real time application architecture capabilities can make it smoother and responsive while making sure minimum load on the client apps and edge devices.

Code review and security assessment

We help connect IoT Sensors and efficient data propagation from it through various nodes of the system. The IoT sensor data may have to pass through a in-stream analytics or a decision tree system we make sure the integration is done in most optimised way

ATP (Advanced threat protection)

Our capabilities can help doc sync and conversation sync across community nodes and clients in a collaboration tool. We make sure the client app and over all solution is optimised enough for less power usage minimising the battery use and cpu cycles.

Get continuous data from consumer devices to bring Instant and responsive connected experience to applications and dashboards.

Master  dashboards which represent the pulse of an over all integrated system need effective server to client communication strategy to update the events as an when it happens.

Jovient approach this problem without increasing any significant server computes or energy drain on client devices.

We develop real time systems based on protocols and solution architecture  mostly used for IoT to bring your dashboards a live feature.

Selecting a real time library or framework and customising it to applications needs

Realtime functionality in apps could be notifications or a fully synchronised data sync. Your app, IoT device or utility expects to read changes as they happen unlike just a regular data update..


To make this possible there are many SaaS/PaaS solutions, libraries and frameworks that could be recommended. It becomes a challenging task to choose the right technology for a particular need.

Our experience in developing real time apps helps you find the right framework, or cloud based SaaS system to achieve the same or even to create a new framework/platform optimised and  tailored to your specific needs.