Digital Platform Development

Every app, function, or a utility needs a backend platform to process, store, route and notify information as and when needed. We work with all major technology stack to develop platform for your needs. Whether your application needs to save high throughput data, need in-stream analysis of incoming data or a work flow authorisation based access to information resources, We can develop the secure platform for you.

Platform with information sync across nodes

Applications may need to inform the information event change to other connected devices, apps, functions . Jovient platform development approach focuses on faster information retrieval whether its on demand (Request Response) or without demand – Data sync across nodes.
A good Solution architecture is the key to build a great backend platform. We take well informed and calculated decisions  in terms of choosing the right technology stack, connectivity protocols, API gateway considerations and data persistence with all the trade offs and cost implications  in mind.

High throughput, scalable and site reliability

Create scalable and highly reliable software systems with our well thought solution architecture, DevOps and continuous delivery.  Our strategy is let systems deliver for a small footprint first and then scale as the demand increases. Our engineers make sure the delivery end point (Site) is always reliable.

On demand scalable solutions

Our Dev Ops ensures dynamic increase and decrease in the compute cycles based on demand

Dynamic cost implications on cloud infra

Platform solution that automatically adapts to the most optimised requirement in terms of cost and compute

Integration with other enterprise PaaS/SaaS

Our microservice approach can help integrate digital platforms to existing ERP/Information systems easily

Harnessing Cloud native functionalities

For quicker and faster turn around we can start with utilising cloud based ready to use services for your platform, we then turn it into Cloud agnostic as you scale.

Start your backend platform development with us