Application development services

At Jovient we use the latest technology in most optimised way to design and develop innovative concepts. Our focus is to develop an experience for your customers, utility and business needs.

We leverage our capabilities in developing enterprise scale application to make your custom application needs meet the international standards in terms of user experience, security and scalability.

We put utmost focus on architecture design to ensure the applications are always in fine working conditions irrespective of network constraints and high volume users traffic.

Cross platform apps

Cross Platform Mobile and Desktop Apps that run on Multiple Devices. While we integrate with hybrid frameworks for most of needs we also develop custom hybrid framework for tighter enterprise integration.

Native apps

Take the advantage of native SDKs and system level APIs to have more control in every aspect and behavior of the app. Native apps provide more flexibility when it comes to optimise performance for high resource and compute demanding apps.

WebKit based development

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Progressive web

Leverage the modern web browser, WebGL, HTML storage to turn your web interface to behave and execute like a stand alone app. We can also help porting progressive web apps (PWAs) to be packaged as native system executable using frameworks such as Electron

Real time apps

Whether you are building a delivery app which needs to track upto second location and status information, or a modern messaging system, we can build your app with quality in terms of responsiveness and security


We can integrate your ecommerce module with majority of platforms and can bring the applicability to PoS as well Online store from one platform

Cloud native applications

We develop applications built with services packaged in containers, deployed as microservices and managed on elastic infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery

SDK and CLI development

Develop SDK for your existing platform offering and turn your offering into SaaS/PaaS. Having a SDK for your services abstracts all the hard coding an integrator has to go through without the need of any source code.

Media and streaming

Platform server based and P2P Media and streaming delivery application development. We can work with many protocols and systems as per your applications needs.

Applications that connect well, drain less battery and are super responsive

Applications in order to be always connected to services rely on background processes resulting in more CPU cycles and network utilisation. We find a balance while making sure the responsiveness and connectivity of the client app by choosing right protocols, data persistence and and a fool proof design pattern – This is part of our over all solution architecture that spend considerable time while designing your solution.

Our technology approach

Right from beginning of the solution design we emphasis and ensure three vital aspects in any system  – Scalability and Security and cost. Here are our technology components for digital solutions.

Open Source

We love Java and Opensource. We use open source components to architect complex solutions, Whether it is a platform that gets connected to millions of devices along with Alexa or a simple smart home alarm system.

Minimum technical debt

We design solutions keeping long term in mind even at the POC stage so that when tomorrow solution needs scale and performance we don't have to start new development again.

Cloud agnostic

Cloud native solutions are designed for quick turn around taking the ready to use PaaS/SaaS functionality already available. We wrap the solution around generic SDKs to make it easier to move to another cloud in future with minimum cost.